About Me

Master's in Information Science, Cornell University 2017
BA Information Science, Cornell University 2016

I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I spend my free time coding, playing the drums, running, hiking, reading textbooks, journaling, and listening to podcasts.

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Open Source Contributions
The Pursuance Project

An end-to-end encrypted task management platform.

Google Maps React

A Google Maps integrated component for React apps.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

A writing app that deletes all progress if you stop typing for more than five seconds.



seeblock.herokuapp.com | React.js | Blockchain.info API

This is a React app that tracks Bitcoin transactions. Users can input a wallet address and view inputs and outputs from the Blockchain.info block explorer. The app uses a websocket to subscribe to updates so that new transactions can be displayed in realtime.


Mix Tape Map

D3.js | Spotify Web API

Using the Spotify API, I developed an app to build mixtapes. Users can search for an artist and select songs to add to their playlist based on recommendations. The recommendations are displayed in a node-based graph. Each node is a top song by an artist related to the last artist on the playlist. The popularity of the song is indicated by the size of the node.

Mix Tape Map screenshot


ExecThread.com | WordPress

I was hired as a contractor to help ExecThread develop their public facing website. I worked with the lead designer, wireframing experience flows and creating mockups. I also worked with the lead frontend developer and refactored our code to be pixel perfect and flexible for future development.

ExecThread screenshot

Cappuccino Q&A

Ruby on Rails | Heroku

In grad school, I took an advanced data storage and management course where the professor had so much material to get through, he barely had time to answer student questions. The Cappuccino Q&A app was my solution to that problem. Students can login to the app, ask their classmates questions about the lecture, and propose answers. Professors can login to see the most popular questions students had during each lecture.

Cappuccino Q&A screenshot

Clone Combat

Play on Newgrounds | Play on Kongregate

Clone Combat is a game that I created with classmates for our Analytics-Driven Game Design course. My primary roles were user interface and user experience designer. I also came up with the game concept--a puzzle platformer where the player has to defeat clones who mirror each of the player's inputs in real time. The game was featured on Newgrounds and received over 20,000 plays in the first week.

Clone Combat screenshot

Mechanical Dreams


In the summer of 2015, when I didn't have an internship lined up, I went to a wearables roundtable hosted at Aaron Faber gallery and got an apprentinceship under a Manhattan watchmaker with 30+ years of experience at Tourneau, Rolex, and Tiffany & Co. Throughout the summer, I used the knowledge I was gaining from my apprenticeship to design an educational watchmaking game for Art of Horology, the only watchmaking school in Manhattan. I was responsible for overseeing the project, and designing the gameplay and the user interface.

Mechanical Dreams screenshot